24 Things. A new begining by letting go of the old…one at a time

This was the Challenge that was presented to me by Marylee Fairbanks from www.the24things.com  the 24-things link . “The 24 Things experience allows us to call in what serves our highest potential as the clutter in our lives, hearts and minds falls away.”

The Challenge:
Every day, let go of one thing in your home and give it to charity, a friend or the trash can. You can start anywhere you like. You can tend to things in need of repair, clean out one drawer, or an entire basement. Wherever you decide to start, you will be amazed what you uncover about yourself in the process.

How to begin:
Day one: focus on what you want to call into your life, write it down in a journal or post it to a dream wall.
Try to keep it positive. Instead of writing “I want to lose 20 pounds” you might say, “I am healthier with a lighter body that allows me to live with more freedom.”
The Rules:
1: No purchases for the next 24 days. You can only buy necessities. If you see something you want, start a list. If, at the end of the 24 days, you still desire it, then go on and splurge. Chances are you wont even remember what it was you wanted.
2: ONE THING each day. Focus on letting go of one item or group of items each day. A daily practice retrains the mind, redirects the your subtle energy, and establishes a new way of thinking.
Resist the urge to pick 24 items and dump them in the first week.
3: Every day you will either nourish something that serves your highest good or let go of something that hinders it.
3: Share. Log onto The 24 things website and share your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you.
4: Namaste~

How I began:

STUFF! I am stuffed with stuff!! ” I will clear my mind, uncluttering it by removing the unnecessary incidentals encumbering my life.”

It is cRaZy! Just when I thought I should let go of a few things, you know, fresh start to the New Year, somethings seemed to let go of me too!

All of those silly things that we keep, “just in case.” I will begin with the clothing. It seems like a great way to start the purging of excess! Those yoga tops that are a bit to short, the pants with the stretched out waist from many yoga classes. Those are all easy! I wont even be counting those! But some items are sentimental too. Do you do that too? A sweater my Grandmother, no longer living, gave me for Christmas many years ago. It isn’t stylish and it is miss-shappen but it is a memory of her. I remember opening the pretty Christmas paper and the bows and the care she always took picking out something  just right for me. I remember her “usual” comment, “if you don’t like it I got it at Gimbals (Kaufman’s, Horne’s), you can take it back there.” We would all sing it along with her and laugh. “No Grandma, I LOVE it!” I would keep each and every thing and cherish it. It was always perfect for me.

Then there is the shiny candy apple red pumps with the square toes and square black high heal. They were never a great fit, and I really should just toss those shoes. Dressy shoes from a fussier time in my life.  But, they are sentimental too. That although these shoes have nothing to do with an old friend who passed away, I still think of my friend because I had on those glossy shoes last time I saw him. We worked on a project together. We wrapped up, I changed from work boots to those red shoes and off I went to a scheduled function, never to know he didn’t make it threw the night. He suffered chest pains that very afternoon. He never even told us that he was having the pain. We weren’t personal friends, only worked together a short time. But he was a person you just remember from their kindness. His attention to the details he knew were important, only to me as the designer of what ever was being installed. Anyone he was scheduled to install a project for and their silly little requests, he did all he could do to make the job run smoothly. He made you laugh in the process. He added value to the job with customer service and support. And he cared. He really cared that you or the client was happy and satisfied. This was, unfortunately not the norm for this particular group. But he changed that for the short time he was there and we all still remember him. The very Goodness of him. Those shoes. I know, I will wear them for Christmas. The black outfit I was planning to wear needed a shot of brightness and light. I wore those red shoes and watched as they started to slowly go dull. By the end of the night there were tiny cracks only I could really notice, around the elongated square cut (rectangular) opening for my foot to slide into. One small nick on the toe. This red, a color and gloss that no shoe polish or cobbler would repair. Those shoes could go now. My friend and his memory were not defined by a pair of red shoes. My memories will live on.

Join me and let go of 24 things

One thought on “24 Things. A new begining by letting go of the old…one at a time

  1. Megan says:

    Excellent “gentle” advice on letting go of stuff. You are right, our stuff should not define us, and letting go of something cannot alter the memories we made; the memories we hold.

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