I sleep with two… do you too?

oh my we could'nt wait_edited-1  What to do? I tried to explain. I tried to make it clear. I have a need. He wouldn’t hear. Yoga teaches us to be in touch with our bodies. As yogis we discuss what may be right for our growth and awareness. We talk about our needs. I knew what I needed. His ego was in the way. So I searched. I knew there was something that would satisfy this ache. I had no qualm about the solution. Tonight, tonight I will take that step. The night fell near, darkness, would this be my answer? It was there again, that familiar ache, a tingling like electricity through my body. My muscles twitching. I rolled over in the tangle of covers, reaching…finding. One to my right, just behind a bit. The other lower. Yes, lower still. On my left. My body twisting, spine undulating. Breath…quickens, lips part in an exhale… At last! Sheer bliss! Total release! You must, must try this to feel the complete and utter satisfaction. Renewed alignment. My blood flowing free in my body again.  I no longer will see “him.” He can move on. His other patients can continue to seek their healing. I am breaking up with my chiropractor for a tennis ball. I sleep with two.
Even though I have a regular yoga practice I still have this stiffness causing pain. The pain I was feeling was from my shoulder to my elbow and wrapped around my thumb on my right arm. The acupuncture/trigger point for this was behind my right arm pit. My low back/sacral area is also a problem. I place the ball above the tail bone, just below the small of the back or below where the back has a small arch. This gave much relief to the pelvis as well as the hip region.  I also have very tight hip flexers (the area just above the crease of the front of the leg and below the hip bone.) when driving long distances or sitting for long periods of time.

When I feel stiffness or pain in the lower back/hip region when standing, I do this with the ball:

When I am feeling sensitive I lay on a soft mattress. Sometimes I like a very firm pressure and I lay on the floor.

Laying on the side that has the stiffness or pain. I place the ball in the crease of the front of the leg I am laying on, below the hip bone. Placing the hand from the arm on the opposite side, in front of me on the floor to guide myself slowly, tipping forward on to the ball. I lay here and practice some full deep breaths. Allowing the body time to release the tightness. It can be a slow process. If I am feeling unstable laying in this position, I place a pillow on the floor and place the knee of the top leg on to the pillow. The knee and the hand make me feel stable here. Or I take a break and try again. I have slept this way for a few hours! I am sure to do this on both sides of the body to remain balanced. I also sit up on the floor or a firm cushion-less seat/bench and place the ball at the same crease behind the leg. Again, I do this on both sides of the body. If I have been stiff for a while, this can take time to release. It can also be something I need to do daily…I do sit daily, right?

I Practice this almost daily and feel the ecstasy of the release of tightness causing the pain. I take the balls to bed. If I wake feeling the tightness and pain, I try it again. I sleep with two, do you?



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