Staying flu free with great immunity!

  The best way to stay free of the flu is a healthy immune system. It is quite easy to boost your immunity and protect yourself from the germs of colds and flu. All you need is a lifestyle that will provide you with nutrient rich foods, good digestive health, stress management, adequate rest and exercise, and certainly much hand washing. Continue reading

Fun with a detox cleanse…? The Dr. Oz 3 Day Detox Cleanse.

  Yes, I am trying the Dr. Oz 3 Day Detox Cleanse. After just getting off a 2 day, not so successful juice fast, it sounded more satisfying. My husband and myself had great success on a past juice fast. He lowered his blood pressure enough to stop the medication he was taking. (after consulting his Dr.) And with all of the nutrients we ere consuming, we were not hungry! But, the taste of the juice combining was not his fav. This time, I minimized the combo of juice and it seemed this juice only fast was too few calories and left us hungry. But on to the 3 Day detox… Continue reading

Just let it flow…

Oh no! The office is full of flu germs! WHAT did I just step in??  It is more and more difficult to take off a day to just take care of yourself. We Try so hard to stay well and germ free. We wash our hands all day but once arriving home, we are so busy getting in…what are we TAKING in? What if you got a jump on some quick details that can keep you and those you love healthy in a simple way? Continue reading

What are you searching for?


OK, so maybe I am extreme. But the SHOCK of a differing opinion can make you think, right?

Does it make you question? Wake you up? Do you say, “Yeah, WHY?” Why DID I NOT choose that? Why DID I choose that?  If this all falls apart, what will I need? What will sustain me and my family and keep us healthy and happy? What will give us comfort? What will be our future, our plan? What can I control? Isn’t that all we are searching for? Continue reading