Satsang, a gathering of like minded people. Topic: Healthy eating.

Ahhh, a  new season is upon us. Little ones have returned to school. Our attention turns to warming foods for ourselves and our families. Yes, Autumn is in the air. What a perfect time for a discussion about healthy eating. Every new season is a time to look with fresh eyes at our diet, our wellness, our surroundings.

Yoga teaches us to be aware of the body:

We began the evening with a gentile yoga class focusing on the movements that will help the body in the process of digestion. Our class focused on twists and forward folds, all of these poses aid in digestion by warming and manipulating the internal organs. The breath work with these poses, deep inhales as the spine lengthens, expanding the lungs, filling up…then, deep exhales on a forward fold, emptying the lungs completely as the belly presses into the legs, now lifting up with inhales, filling up the lungs… elongating the spine and again the exhale as the twist unravels slowly, the lungs, once again completely empty of trapped air. Very slowly and mindfully we moved in the same way we should move at home in our own practice when we need to move a sluggish system back to normal. A savasana at the end, in full complete silence. Allowing our practice to fully settle into the body, deep at the cellular level.

I began my talk…a bit like I was shot out of a cannon!

There was such an energy in the room after our fully engaged practice it propelled me forward moving very quickly to fit it all in. I have included an outline and a summary of the evening.

Most in attendance at the beautiful space at Yogastyle Studio all agreed, we sometimes don’t take the “time” to eat…? That is a terrible fact! So we began a discussion about what this can do to the body.

Not only will you see the affects of a lack of food, vitamins, nutrients in our body, but in our mind as well. Our brain needs to be nourished as does the body. You become tired, you can’t focus, you make mistakes. Then, your question to yourself is…what is WRONG with me? Why am I gaining weight and I am not even eating? What is wrong is, you are starving your body AND brain. Solution? Eat fresh, whole foods and filtered water, herbal teas and fresh cold pressed juices. NOT foods labeled as a Healthy choice, a natural option or PLEASE… “DIET”. In fact, your food…should have NO label at all!

Food is not the only important element, hydration is also quite important.

Sometimes dehydration will come across as hunger, we need to learn to nurture ourselves in such a way that not only do we provide ourselves with the necessary components of life such as food and water, but we learn to notice the signs of what the body needs, what it is asking us for. Practice yoga, get to know yourself. Get to know what true hunger and thirst feel like. Then solve the need by eating as a need to supply fuel to your body.

Is it a craving?

Rather than reaching for food, have a large glass of water, wait ten minutes. If you are hungry, eat something. “But I don’t know what I am hungry for?” If you are trying to satisfy a CRAVING, you won’t want to eat the apple, the healthy food choice you have in your refrigerator. If you are truly hungry, you will eat to satisfy the need to resolve your hunger. Not grabbing something that you think will resolve the stress, your anger, your need for rest!  You won’t be searching a pantry full of refined foods for a quick fix if you are trying to solve real hunger or thirst.

Planning is the key.

Our plan to plan! Grab a 2 gallon reusable wide mouthed container. One for each day. Fill the container with a rainbow of colorful vegetables and fruits! The emphasis on the veg! Now you have what you need for each day, all in one easy to grab container! If you prefer, Roast this variety or a select few in the oven. It is very quick to do! Use a bit of coconut oil, chop, roast all the veg at 425 for 40 minutes…done! (Add your fav. protein if you like.) Check back for more recipes…No time to cook, peal, chop? We have teeth, let’s use them! The more fresh food you eat, the less you will crave sugars and refined “dead” food like products. Your body will become filled with the necessary fuel you need to boost your immunity, keeping you healthy, strong awake and …”regular” What you can’t finish, make soup! Add grass fed organic meats if you are so inclined. We discussed how being on a “diet” and eating “diet” food is not the path toward being nourished. The real foods here will get you on your way!

Food is Social!

In other countries people understand the need to feed not only the body but the soul too. Nourish your soul with friendships! Yes! gather, eat! Enjoy life! Just do it with real, whole, fresh foods. Food that is NOT: GMO, filled with corn syrup or sugar substitutes and chemicals. Food without MSG, Nitrates, dies, Soy, Canola, Corn oils.  Eat food that has…Food in it!!

How do I begin?

Need some help with you pantry? Cleaning out the things that stand in your way? Planning your food and making it easy? I can help you to accomplish this. Let me help you, get to know… YOU!

A side note:

Since we were a room full of yogis you may expect  that there would be vegans in the room. Some of us have played with being vegan at times, eating nothing that involved “anything with a mother” in anyway.  Some prefer to follow a vegetarian eating plan. At times that involves some dairy, eggs and honey We had a combination of interests in the room. The Palio diet was represented by some in attendance. In that vane, I’d like to add some details. One being BACON: Buy Nitrate free bacon. Use it sparingly, more like a condiment. Use smoked paprika for that smokey bacon flavor.